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How to Reach Aakansha Tourist Home - Kashid

Kashid at about 130 kms from Mumbai and 165 kms from Pune is one of the nearest beaches from these metros and is at the perfect distance for a quick getaway or a weekend break.

Kashid from Mumbai

If you want to use public transport to reach Kashid from Mumbai one could use the Alibaug ferry service to reach Alibaug bus depot and board one of the frequent buses which ply to Kashid. Kashid is about 30 kms from Alibaug.

Mumbai to Kashid by Road

Mumbai - Panvel - (NH17) - Alibaug - Revdanda - Kashid - Aakansha Tourist Home
Alibaug town is about 100 kilometres from Mumbai, a two hour drive from mumbai. Once you reach the Alibaug circle take the Alibaug - Revdanda road. Once you cross the Revdanda bridge a 15 Kms drive will get you to Kashid

Kashid from Pune

Pune - Lonavala - (Khopoli exit) Khopoli - Pen - Alibaug - Revdanda - Kashid